Oct 28

Spooky Empire | 2012

Day 1

I have the great privilege of working at the MORPHSTORE.COM booth at this years Spooky Empire. These guys are some amazing makeup artist from Universal and Disney; also to my surprise Derek Garcia from Face Off works with them. Some pretty big names are here and more are due to come tomorrow. A small added bonus was bumping into Gabi (high school friend), she is volunteering.

Today I was made-up as a devil by Jean Smith, Disney make-up artist specializing in Star Wars. I was then finished and touched up by Andy Wright, Universal make-up artist, owner of MORPHSTORE.COM, and has had to turn down Face Off for personal reasons since season 1. He is attempting to clear his schedule for next season. Completely to my surprise, Derek was working at the same booth with us. At his sight I nearly blew it and flipped out, but no worries I have mastered kept it together from a young age. The entire day the Klowns would yell out, “Hey. Isn’t that Derek Garcia from Face Off.” Later on when everything wasn’t as busy I asked for a photo and he was happy about it.

Giggles and Thug are the two Klowns that make a name for themselves. Giggles (red) is the more serious one and Thug (green) is the more playful one. The moment you quickly look away or say “I hate clowns” that is it. You are a theres. You will be chased, called upon, yield at, and visited all day. It is so much fun (They made a couple people cry and chased others out of the con).

Day 2

Day 3

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